Here is are links to some of my talks, although they are often changing and the information is updated, along with a few jokes added in !

The case for vegan by philip nicozisis.
Here is my presentation, called “The Case for Vegan.” It was given at Hippocrates

The Ethics of Eating:

The Ethics of Eating with Gina Carr:

Health Institute on July 29th, 2015, where I was the keynote speaker.

Food is Medicine, Food is Poison”
Here is my 45 minute presentation on the science of plant nutrition versus the Standard American Diet(SAD).

Hippocrates Health Institute keynote speaker 5-27-2015

Yoga studio

Philip Nicozisis presents: The Case for Vegan. More than a diet, and even more than a lifestyle, come learn about mankind’s next step. In this entertaining and hard hitting PowerPoint presentation, the focus is on the science of plant nutrition, but includes the ethical/spiritual and environmental components. Nicozisis is a credentialed health educator from the Hippocrates Health Institute.